Choose your New Year’s resolution at Guts

When a new year starts it usually feels like a fresh start which also influences people to make up resolutions for the upcoming 12 months. At Guts you will be able to join a promotion right now named “New Year’s Resolution” – but there’s a twist. Instead of eating healthy and workout more you are going to collect doughnuts. By doing so you will claim free spins on selected videoslots at Guts. As always the bonus spins at Guts are free from wagering which makes it possible to make a withdrawal whenever you want. And that is certainly a great thing! It’s time to “improve” yourself with some good old casino entertainment.

Win free spins at Guts in January

Throughout January you will be able to log in at Guts and collect doughnuts which will give you free spins. When you log in you will see a progress bar with doughnuts on it and when you play your favorite casino games at Guts you will start filling it up. As soon as the bar is totally full you will receive a doughnut. Then you will get the chance to choose a New Year’s resolution with free spins connected to a certain videoslot.

You can grab up to 15 doughnuts during the campaign at Guts. The best part is that you will receive a mystery prize when you collect all 15 yummy doughnuts in January. What it is will be revealed when you have all the goodies.

Casino Bonus Rating Play
€400 BONUS
first Play now

Thursday Triple at Guts with weekend spins

On Thursday you will be able to grab the weekly offer called “Thursday Triple” at Guts. This promo will give you bonus spins throughout the weekend – just make sure you make a deposit on Thursday. There are two alternatives and it’s up to you to choose either one. When you deposit between €20 and €49 on Thursday and wager the amount you will get 10 free spins on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s 30 bonus spins in total. If you want even more bonus spins you can deposit €50 and wager the money. In that case you will get 20 free spins a day instead during the weekend at Guts Casino. That’s 60 free rounds in total. Of course these bonus spins are free from wagering as well which means that you can use your money elsewhere whenever you want to.